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About Us

Originally founded at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory and MIT, Bounce Imaging makes products that keep first-responders, warfighters, and civilians safer with best-in-class, low-cost, easy-to-use imaging and robotics systems.

After seeing the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Bounce Imaging was founded on the belief that more lives could be saved if first responders were better able to detect whether confined spaces were safe to enter. The tools and equipment available at the time, particularly the cameras, were too bulky and complicated for the search and rescue teams to deploy. They were also cost prohibitive.

Since that time, Bounce Imaging has built a suite of tactical, 360-degree camera systems used by over 450 state and local law enforcement agencies and first responders, the FBI, U.S. Marshals and elite teams within the Department of Defense.

Our work has been recognized for innovation and impact by media, major publications, global competitions, and most importantly by the end users it is meant to serve. We are an In-Q-Tel portfolio company, a Verizon Powerful Answers $1M Winner, a 43North winner, a TIME, CNN, Popular Science Best Invention, and a Forbes 1000 member.


Francisco Aguilar – CEO
Mark Fargason – COO
Lauren Baynes – VP of Operations
Sean Burns – Law Enforcement Sales Director
Saige Landa – Operations Manager
Nicole Lauricella – Business Development Manager

Technical & Engineering Leadership

Sietse Dijkstra – CTO
Mikhail Fridberg – VP of Engineering
Rolando Coto – Senior Electronics Engineer
Samanta Ramijan – Chief Software Engineer
Jim Milks – Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager

Board of Directors

Ronjon Nag
Eric Rosenbach
Jim Smist
Carolyne LaSala Holtorf
Olivia Jones
Jack Seaver