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“We use this tool a lot, especially on the tether and oriented as a pole camera for more control. We love it, it works great, it’s very convenient and easy to use as well as easy to carry.”

Lt. Carmine VivoloSomerville Police Department and NEMLEC SWAT

“The Explorer Tactical Edition Camera allowed officers to gather valuable intelligence during a dangerous and chaotic scene.”

PAR Officer Travis JarzynkaCouncil Bluffs, Iowa Police Department

“This device is a game-changer for us. This is such an officer safety tool for us it’s unbelievable.”

Chief Dino LawsonMadera, CA Police Department

“The system is great — we use it frequently. I think one of the best features is its ease of use. Everyone on our team knows how to deploy and use it. Truly an amazing piece of equipment.”

Sgt. Matt KarnishAllentown Police Department, Vice and Intelligence Unit

“This device more than meets our needs and has blown away our expectations.”

Captain Eric HaworthBenton, Arkansas Police Department

“This piece of equipment has worked great for us and is very important to our missions.”

MPO Michael AntonidesConcord NC Police SWAT

“One of our top tier tools that we use. There are a lot of places you can put it where you do not have to put an officer anymore”

Garrett GreenwoodQuincy MA Police SWAT

“Using the Bounce camera I was able to get clear views inside of a house under construction, with no floors [and] where our Scout and Pointman robots could not operate. The camera was able to give me a good view of most of the residence and as an added bonus”

Officer C. CopeTactical Support Tech, Tempe Police Department

“A must for any entry team looking to safely accomplish their missions. This product is by no means another ‘tacticool’ gimmick but a revolutionary tool [for] the tactical industry.”

NTOA Reviewer

“Coolest piece of tech we’ve ever owned”

Major Metro Area Transit Police Intel Officer