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A Clear View for Safer Prisons

Bounce Imaging’s tactical cameras offer an invaluable set of features and capabilities that can greatly enhance safety and security measures in corrections facilities, particularly during cell extractions, searches, and other critical operations.


Bounce Imaging’s tactical cameras provide a crucial advantage by allowing officers to assess the situation inside the cell before entering. The cameras can be remotely deployed to capture high-resolution images and video, providing a comprehensive view of the environment and the occupants. This allows officers to gather critical intelligence, identify potential hazards, and develop a well-informed strategy to safely execute the extraction. By minimizing blind spots and offering enhanced visibility, these cameras significantly reduce the risk to both officers and inmates during this high-stakes procedure.


These cameras offer 360-degree panoramic views, enabling officers to thoroughly survey the area and identify any hidden contraband, weapons, or potential security vulnerabilities. The real-time video feed allows for quick decision-making and ensures a systematic and efficient search process. Furthermore, the cameras’ rugged design and advanced imaging capabilities enable them to operate effectively in various lighting conditions, including low-light environments, ensuring that no area goes unexamined.


Throw the camera through a window, toss it into a barricade, or roll it down a hallway. As it goes the camera records stable 360/VR video so multiple users can be covering and recording all angles simultaneously. Quickly switch between pole cam, tether cam or ball camera mode to speed up searches and clear stairwells and basements quicker and safer.