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Supporting Homeland Security Professionals Across a Broad Spectrum of Operations





Bounce Imaging camera systems support a range of Homeland Security applications:

  • Faster, safer inspection of containers, trucks, ships, vehicles, aircraft – anything crossing into our nation’s borders can be more quickly and efficiently searched with our 360-degree camera systems deployed on a pole, tether, or even thrown into an unseen space that previously would have required agents to climb into or visually inspect. Read more about inspecting tight spaces HERE and about the safety benefits of a 360-degree polecam HERE.

  • Tactical operations are made safer with complete 360-degree situational awareness that allows teams from the most elite federal units down to small local departments with limited resources to keep officers safe while de-escalating potentially dangerous situations. Read a case study on how one regional team did this HERE.

  • K9 teams can keep their loyal partners safer with stabilized 360-degree cameras that allow working dog handlers to detect threats and issue commands at a distance – learn more HERE.

  • Search and rescue requires total situational awareness like that delivered by our 360-degree cameras to better locate victims and plan rescues in a complex and chaotic environment. Hear how Buffalo Rescue 1 uses our systems HERE and read a technical paper on this application HERE.

Bounce Imaging Awarded Contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Worth up to $15 Million


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Lauren Baynes


CBP using innovative 360° Camera Technology to Expedite Inspections at Busy Ports of Entry and Improve Tactical Situational Awareness

BUFFALO, NY – Bounce Imaging, Inc. today announced it has received a five-year Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to deliver advanced 360° situational awareness camera systems.

The contract, which is worth up to $15 million, includes the procurement of Bounce Imaging’s Explorer™ Unleashed 2.0 cameras – a 4G-LTE-enabled throwable, tactical camera that offers instant situational awareness in a rugged, softball-size ball. CBP will also receive Bounce Imaging’s Recce 360 Minis, which offer the same 360° technology in a smaller, baseball size – as well as their Land Shark K-9 Camera systems. The contract has a base value of $300,000 and was awarded under the authority of CBP.

“Whether in container and confined space inspection or tactical scenarios, Bounce Imaging’s world-class imaging technologies offer the men and women of U.S Customs and Border Protection easy-to-use, rugged, and reliable surveillance solutions for the most challenging environments, allowing agents to do their important work more safely and more efficiently” said Mark Fargason, COO at Bounce Imaging. “We’re proud of our partnership with CBP and excited to support the efforts of agents who serve at our nation’s ports of entry and land borders with our technology.”

Originally founded at the Harvard Innovation Lab and MIT, Bounce Imaging makes ruggedized sensor platforms that capture stabilized, omnidirectional video and audio data that is then stitched into a panoramic format that allows many users to look in many directions simultaneously and that can be shared over 802.11, 4G-LTE, or MANET networks. Bounce Imaging’s technology, which has been named a Best Invention by TIME, CNN, Popular Science, and others, allows for images to be stitched at a rate up to 200x faster than traditional methods while retaining an orientation regardless of how the system is thrown, mounted, or rotated. The company’s cameras can be mounted on a pole for faster inspections in large, tough-to-reach containers, as well as thrown into rooms and confined spaces. Video on the Unleashed 2.0 cameras is instantly transmitted on any Android or iOS device via Verizon’s 4G-LTE network.

For more about Bounce Imaging’s advanced 360° solutions for port security and tactical surveillance