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De-escalation and visibility keep officers and civilians safe.

Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) Case Study

When an HNT team threw their Bounce camera system into the basement of a barricaded house, they instantly saw the suspect attempting to light his own hot water heater on fire. The team rushed down to apprehend the suspect before he nearly destroyed the house, potentially injuring the team, surrounding homes and himself.


360-Degree Video Leaves No Blindspots

How many people are in the room? Does the suspect have a weapon? Are there booby traps?

No crisis management can succeed without proper information. Real-time, 360-degree video gives you command of a fast-moving situation to make the best decisions when seconds count. 


Two-Way Audio and Built-In Multi-Language Support

Our two-way audio replaces the traditional throw-phone with a rugged, throwable solution that also provides instant visual SA.

Recognizing that officers may often need to work with diverse communities and that cultural misunderstandings can lead to tragedy, Bounce Imaging’s cameras come preloaded with key commands in dozens of languages, and we will add languages on request FOR FREE.


4G-LTE Connectivity Gives Unlimited Range

Maintaining a safe standoff distance is often essential for officer safety and for de-escalation. Bounce Imaging cameras can connect directly to 4G-LTE to provide real-time situational awareness to a command center even hundreds of miles away.

Cameras can also interface with MANET radios, ATAK,, and a slew of other systems.