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Distributor of Record Program

The Bounce Imaging (“the Company”) Distributor-of-Record program is available to all U.S. distributors for Bounce Imaging and is publicly posted on the Company’s website to ensure transparency and equal access. If you are not currently a reseller for Bounce Imaging products, you may contact us for more information. Resellers are considered completely at the Company’s discretion and submitting a request does not imply that it will be accepted by the Company.

The DoR program is structured to reward distributors that are actively pursuing opportunities incremental to current Bounce Imaging business activity within our industries and represents a voluntary incentive provided by the Company at its complete discretion.

The Company will assign DoR status at its complete discretion. If no DoR is assigned, all Distributors will receive the standard discount.

To request DoR status on a Customer Opportunity, Reseller must submit that request via the portal provided by Bounce Imaging (contact us to request access)and using the login credentials provided by Bounce Imaging.

Reseller is responsible for maintaining the security of those logins and Bounce Imaging is not liable for data submitted through the portal or for ensuring the continuous uptime of that portal.

Only if the portal is for some reason unavailable, Reseller may submit DoR request via sales [at] with the subject line “DoR Request – [Reseller Name] – [Customer Name]”

DoR request must be detailed and provide sufficient evidence, at the Company’s sole discretion for the standard of said evidence, that Reseller initiated the Customer Opportunity and has had real, concrete engagement with the customer opportunity incremental to Bounce Imaging activities

False or misleading DoR form submissions may result in elimination of Reseller from the DoR program.

If Bounce Imaging initiated the Customer Opportunity, no DoR will be assigned. For re-orders from existing Bounce Imaging customers, DoR will be assigned if Reseller demonstrates sales process to generate the re-order (e.g. demonstrations of new features or use cases). Re-orders based on product performance will not receive DoR treatment but will receive the standard discount to Reseller.

To ensure fairness and transparency, and to comply with government bidding rules, DoR request must be submitted BEFORE a Customer Opportunity is released to bid or requests for quote are posted or requested by Customers.

Unless modifications are requested in writing by Reseller and accepted by the Company on a case-by-case basis and at the Company’s discretion, the standard term of DoR status will be 6 months.

Company will endeavor to Approve or Deny DoR status within 2 business days of submission but will not be liable for delays in this timeline.

This policy covers discounts from MSRP to distributors only. There should NEVER be any discussion of final bid price to the customer among distributors or with Bounce Imaging for any reasons to ensure transparency and compliance with procurement processes and laws.

(In Some Markets, this is referred to as a Dealer of Record program)

Questions? Please contact us.