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Bounce Imaging Technical Services

Bounce Imaging offers a range of services to support our customers. Please see below for more information and contact or 202-968-2416 for more information from one of our sales professionals.

Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair

Requests for repairs can be made at the following site Contact Us | Bounce Imaging. Bounce Imaging offers both warranty and non-warranty repairs for our camera hardware.

Cameras are received at our Massachusetts or New York facilities. A repair technician attempts to reproduce the observed issue and provides a diagnosis and a plan of repair if a repair is possible. If the repair is not covered by our warranty, we provide an estimate of the cost to repair to the customer, who then decides whether to approve or deny the repair. We have successfully repaired dozens of units, even with significant mechanical or electronic damage. However, we can also provide the option to replace a unit at a discount.

Initial assessments/troubleshooting by phone or email are also available.

Contact or call 202-968-2416 for more information.

Training and Support

Bounce Imaging offers a range of training services, from web-based getting-started sessions to in-person training programs. In-person training programs normally take the form of 1-2 day courses for up to 15 students (usually in a train-the-trainer format).

Day 1 of training covers basic camera operations as well as tactics for successful system deployment in a range of scenarios. And optional Day 2 covers advanced settings and communication modes on our cameras, as well as integration with a range of radio and other systems.

Equipment and curricula are provided to practice demonstrated concepts in the training, or individuals can bring their own equipment.

Contact or call 202-968-2416 for more information or a quote on training.

Technical Consulting and Implementation Services

Bounce Imaging offers a range of technical consulting and implementation services. Such services include the integration of our cameras and streaming with existing video management services and other tools.

A common service is the implementation of a local instance of our cloud server for customers that need to host these systems on-premises or on their private cloud instances. These engagements generally take the form of delivering a custom implementation of our cloud software for the specific server setup and implementation consulting and technical support to adapt the operation of the server to the customer’s existing security and communications infrastructure.

Contact or call 202-968-2416 for more information or a quote on training.