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Keep your
K-9 partner safe.


Revolutionary situational awareness

Sick of a blurry view between your K-9’s ears? Our stabilization removes the shaking and movement that makes most cameras unusable while the dog is in motion. Our continuous 360-degree recording means you never miss what the dog isn’t focused on – even after the dog has left the room.

Affordable and endlessly flexible

Our Land Shark dedicated K-9 camera is a fraction of the cost of the most common systems in the field today – in some cases 1/5th the cost. When needed it can quickly be converted into a 360-degree pole camera with a built-in port. Our mounts for our Explorer Tactical cameras allow you to quickly switch from a K-9 camera to a unit you can throw through a window or into a room – allowing the SWAT team and K-9 team to use the same camera – saving weight and cost.

Keep your current vest

Whether a mount for your existing Explorer Tactical camera or our dedicated Land Shark camera system, all our mounts are custom 3-D printed in high-strength materials to match your vest and dog type. Don’t believe manufacturers who claim you need to buy their insanely expensive camera to match their vest – we can work with any setup!