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As the news video below shows, we’re fortunate to work with Columbia County, Georgia. The County’s approach to applying the newest and best technology for their first responders has meant that our 4G cameras are at work with their tactical teams, their fire/rescue teams, and their emergency management agency. All of these systems leverage Verizon 4G-LTE in our cameras to extend range and bring real-time information to decision-makers.

The associated article and news video quotes some of our first-responder partners in the County:

“Rescuers may be at risk to save lives. Any kind of entrapment, any kind of hostage situation, any kind of situation really where it may be dangerous to go inside we can send this ball in first.”
— Major Sharif Chochol, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

In addition to being great partners, the teams in Columbia County are a great example of the common problem first-responders have: situational awarness, particularly in confined and dangerous spaces. Bounce Imaging’s 360-degree tactical and rescue cameras provide total situational awareness for local teams than can then be streamed up to commanders at the county level over Verizon 4G-LTE.

This is the kind of partnership we love to see, and are happy to see this news clip highlighting those capabilities.