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The Kenosha County Specialized Response Team is a joint rescue team that responds to dangerous situations in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth Counties in Wisconsin. They perform high-risk complex technical rescues such as confined space, structure collapse, trench, urban search and rescue/ disaster, grain bin rescue, and high/ low angle rope rescue. Below are some photos of how they recently used Bounce Imaging’s Search & Rescue camera to bolster their rescue efforts in a number of hypothetical situations.

Kenosha County SRT’s monthly training set-up using Bounce Imaging’s S&R camera system

“The attendant is the only one that communicates with the rescuers down below. Because of our new camera system he can also see what they are talking about with his own eyes. The view screen is set up on the stool.”

Steven Brzeznski explained that “the camera system was a game-changer” and it helped their training run “flawlessly without any confusion”.

Kenosha County SRT preparing to drop the camera system down the confined space.

“Getting ready to drop our camera ball. This camera system allows us to see everything that the rescuers see. We can also perform a medical assessment on the victim using the camera. It gives a huge advantage. The rescuers topside cant see anything going on down below. The rescuers down below can be describing something and topside can be picturing something completely different. This camera system helps get rid of the confusion.’“

Kenosha SRT performing an assessment on their “victim”. The Bounce Imaging camera system also provides a bright light.

Thank you to Kenosha County’s Specialized Response Team – we are grateful to hear that our camera system has benefited your training efforts.

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