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This past week Bounce Imaging has released a white paper outlining the different camera systems, features, and best use cases of their revolutionary camera product line.   Bounce Imaging’s revolutionary throwable 360 degree camera system allows users to gain insights on exactly what is happening inside a barricaded area, without having officers directly in that dangerous environment.  With our original versatile ball camera and our new K-9 camera line, we can give staff of all ranks the ability to check in and gain valuable knowledge before deciding the best way to proceed.  

Download our white paper to learn:

  • The stabilized 360 degree technology that gives your officers and tactical operators the upper hand in seeing the whole picture of an incident.

  • Case studies that show exactly how departments are using this technology in the field to keep their teams safer.

  • The cost savings and versatility that allows departments of any size to maximize the tools in their “bag” at a scene.