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We have heard from our first responder partners and read in articles LIKE THIS that police and fire officials working in conditions of risk for COVID-19 have been having trouble sourcing face shields and masks.

To do our small part to help, we’re starting to use some of our existing 3D-printing capacity to make a limited number of face shields using a variant of the open source Prusa Face Shield design and sending these to departments that request them at no cost.




While the Prusa design has been tested with health workers in Europe, these are not medically certified, are provided as-is, and carry no warranties written or implied. We’re also a small company, and if demand for these is too high it will outstrip our ability to ship, so there is no guarantee that if you make a request we will be able to meet it.

With all those caveats, if you are a police, fire, or defense first responder in need of a face shield, please fill out the form below and we will add you to our list!

PS – If you need large numbers of N95+ masks, check out this project from our friends at Lightspeed Manufacturing, which might be able to meet your needs: MasksOn