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BUFFALO, NY – Bounce Imaging, the technology leader in stabilized, 360-degree cameras for first responders and U.S. military special operators, is set to release a new thermal pole camera system – the ‘HeatSeeker’ –  at the upcoming International Chiefs of Police conference in Dallas, Texas on October 15th.  

Building on its mission to make cutting edge situational awareness technology broadly accessible to tactical professionals, Bounce Imaging’s new system will offer: 

  • A Wider Field of View – up to 210° – than existing systems 
  • Higher Combined Resolution than the leading thermal pole camera systems 
  • Compatibility with its existing Android, iOS, and ATAK apps 
  • All for 1/2 the cost or less of the leading thermal pole camera systems 

Bounce Imaging’s 360° cameras can be thrown into a room, deployed with a tether, or mounted on a pole to serve as a revolutionary panoramic tactical pole camera. The HeatSeeker connects to the USB-C port of the 360° cameras when these are in the pole camera configuration, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between visual and thermal video while searching attics, stairwells, and basements. That thermal video automatically integrates into Bounce Imaging’s intuitive and powerful Android, iOS, and ATAK applications.  

The HeatSeeker is compatible with all new Bounce Imaging cameras and with some existing Recce360 Mini cameras. 

Bounce Imaging team members will be on hand to offer demos and take preorders for their new thermal pole camera system. The technology is a significant enhancement to their current product line and offers unparalleled situational awareness for reconnaissance missions – at least 4X the total thermal resolution of competitive systems depending on the variant purchased – at a fraction of their cost.  

To schedule a meeting with a member of the Bounce Imaging team at IACP, please contact To be the first to be notified when thermal cameras are available – please fill out the form below.

About Bounce Imaging

Originally founded at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory and MIT, Bounce Imaging makes ruggedized sensor platforms that capture stabilized, omnidirectional video and audio data that is then stitched into a panable panoramic format that can be viewed by many users simultaneously and shared over 802.11, 4G-LTE, or MANET networks. Bounce Imaging’s technology, which has been named a Best Invention by TIME, CNN, Popular Science, and others, allows for images to be stitched at a rate up to 200x faster than traditional methods while retaining an orientation regardless of how the system is thrown, mounted, or rotated.